Do you intend to work in Brazil?

You live abroad, and you are thinking to work here in Brazil? Ok, it sounds good. You are welcome! But, do you really know Brazil? I will share some tips to help you reaching your goal.

First, you should know Brazil is a huge country! The fifth in terms of size. It means to go to Brazil depends a lot where specifically you are talking about. It is impossible to describe details about each place, but you have to consider this when thinking about to move here. Sao Paulo is quite different from Recife. Recife is totally different from Florianopolis, and so on.

Another important issue: Brazilian’s capital city is Brasilia, and it is not Buenos Aires, the  Argentina’s one. And, for the love of God, here, we don’t speak Spanish, but Portuguese. It is a similar one, but not equal. Tipically, brazilians tend to understand Spanish language, but not everyone.

Unfortunately, our population don’t speak English. Few people do that. Do not expect to be understood when arrive here, so it’s important to try to study some basic Portuguese vocabulary before your plane touch down here.

Another tip: Brazil is not only carnival and soccer. We do practice more sports here, like volleyball and basketball (surprise!!). We love Pele and Ronaldo, but they are only ex-soccer players, not State ministers! And we have our own cultural identity, including samba and even more important musical heritage.

Most brazilians don’t know Amazon region. Do not expect to be gentle asking about brazilians’s adventures on the jungle. The city I live near, for example, Sao Paulo, there is more than 10 million citizens, and I assure you there is no space to lions and tigers on the streets. Important: lions and tigers are not found here, ok?

Brazil is a fantastic place, with lots of social and political problems, but we do love our country! Be respectful and understand there are rules and laws here, and everyone, including strangers, are supposed to respect them! If you want more information, please, feel free to ask me using ‘comments section’.

Best regards,

Eng. William Mazza


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