There are few jobs in Brazil!

Last week, I wrote a post here entitled “Do you intend to work in Brazil?”, talking about people who intend to move here, specially looking for a job. Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to explain bad times Brazil’s been facing nowadays.

Because of economical and political problems since 2014, our country is in trouble. More than 12 million brazilians are unemployed and desperate how to support their families. Brazilian most important company: Petrobras (oil & gas state oil company), was deeply spoiled. Furthermore, corruption scandals with other major companies drove job market to a chaos!

In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to move to Brazil without a job this year. 2016 is a lost year! We expect recession leave us next year, but timidly: no more then 1% GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growing, specialists say. Nothing to celebrate.

The best way is to hang on for a while! Dilma Roussef, the former president, was impeached, and her sucessor Michel Temer is in charge now. We really don’t know if Temer’s mandate will work, but for the next two years there is no option! Be aware of my advice!

Best regards!


Eng. William Mazza


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